About me

Thanks for checking me out!

Who I am...

I am a mom to one beautiful daughter and two rambunctious boys...they keep me on my toes

I am not very technically inclined...my kids make fun of me and then I remind them that I taught them how to eat with a spoon

I have a thing for wine

My food vices are fresh bread, cheese and ketchup chips...yum

The first thing I do when I wake up is get my coffee...I call it "Liquid Sunshine"

Love Friday night sushi and movie nights with my kids

My favourite day of the week is Sunday mornings...tickle fights in my bed with my kids...can someone photograph this for me please.

Last but not least is that I love to photograph and to capture those beautiful moments with my families. The best compliment I get is not a spoken word but the look on their faces and a teary eye.

Photography is me...

Named a Top Baby, Newborn and Portrait Photographer by VancouverMom.ca Vancouver Mom badge