What to wear

What to wear and bring to your photo shoot:

Lets start with what not to wear:

no logos on shirts, no dirty old runners, no high heels, no spiderman or dora tops. If your family is casual then be casual but just remember that these photos will be forever. if your family is dressy then be dressy. Just don't spend an hour arguing with your 8 year old that they need to dress up in something that they would never wear...because you don't need to show up to the shoot stressed out. I like the kids that show up with their own sense of style...purple party dress with red gum boots...love it!


if its just you and hubby then you can wear what matches your style...if you like to dress up a bit then wear a dress that shows your belly. Hubby can wear something that kinda matches in colour...meaning same colour scheme. If you have another child they can also wear something similar in style and colour to the both of you. As we will probably be doing a lot more photos of you and your belly then you can bring a change of clothes for you.


if this is at my studio i usually suggest a light/white plain shirt with jeans/pants and bring a dark/black shirt as well. What you will need to bring for your newborn: a blanket, spit up clothes, a load of diapers and wipes, a soother, food and water for yourself. just have your newborn in a sleeper when you come as you will not need any clothes for them as most photos are in baskets and wraps or in your arms. if there is something that you really want in a photo then by all means you can bring that too.


again this is totally up to you and your families style. when I take photos of my kids I try to pick a colour and go with it..by this I mean if my daughter is wearing a red skirt and red hairband...I get my boys to each wear something with red in it. So for instance my one son could wear a red belt with his jeans and my other son could wear some red pants or a red shirt. My family is not super dressy in fact my boys will only wear "comfy pants". I cringe at sweatpants but I usually have to refrain from these for the shoot...but that doesn't mean I make him wear a shirt and tie.


brace yourself everyone...sexy lingerie...bra and panty sets...go out and buy something new as you deserve it! You also need to bring jewellery...put your Stella & Dot purchases to good use ladies and stillettos. There are a few more details with regards to this shoot so please contact me if you are interested.